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Reasons To Put Your Child Up For Adoption Without The Biological Father's Consent

While there are plenty of couples who make the decision together to give their child up for adoption, this isn't always the case. In some scenarios, there may be issues between the biological mother and father that compel the former to move forward with the adoption process without informing the latter. Should you find yourself pregnant and feel certain that adoption is the right idea for you, consulting an adoption agency and perhaps even speaking to an adoption attorney who specializes in cases such as yours can make you feel confident with moving forward. Here are some reasons that you might put the child up for adoption without telling the biological father.

You're Not Sure Who The Father Is

Unfortunately, there can be situations in which you discover that you're pregnant but aren't positive about the biological father's identity. This is a prime situation where adoption can be the right choice, and you may feel that it's best to move forward without trying to establish the biological father. It may create plenty of problems to begin telling your various sexual partners that you're pregnant. You may find that many of them express doubt that they're the father, and you're left feeling more isolated than you did when you began the process.

You Were Sexually Assaulted

If a woman discovers that she is pregnant as a result of being sexually assaulted, she will often opt to give the child up for adoption. It can simply be too painful to raise a child who has conceived in this manner. This is another situation in which you shouldn't feel compelled to inform your attacker about your pregnancy. Depending on the circumstances, he may be in jail awaiting trial for your assault, and reaching out to him would be painful.

You're Afraid For Your Safety

You might find yourself in a situation in which you're afraid for your safety if you were to tell the child's biological father that you're pregnant. This can occur if you're currently or were in an abusive relationship, especially if the father repeatedly cautioned you against getting pregnant. You have the right not to subject yourself to the threat of violence, and you can feel confident moving forward with the adoption process if you're facing this difficult scenario. Should you have any questions about your legal or moral obligations for dealing with your child's biological father, consult an adoption agency.

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