Protecting My Relationship

Reasons To Put Your Child Up For Adoption Without The Biological Father’s Consent

While there are plenty of couples who make the decision together to give their child up for adoption, this isn't always the case. In some scenarios, there may be issues between the biological mother and father that compel the former to move forward with the adoption process without informing the latter. Should you find yourself pregnant and feel certain that adoption is the right idea for you, consulting an adoption agency and perhaps even speaking to an adoption attorney who specializes in cases such as yours can make you feel confident with moving forward. Read More 

Grief Support For A Lost Pet: How To Work Through Your Bereavement In A Healthy Way

The loss of a beloved pet is difficult for many people — for some, the level of grief experienced is the same as losing a close family member. Reaching out to a support group is vital for recovery. This support group can be your friends and family or can be comprised of other pet owners who have experienced your grief. You may also want to reach out to a grief support professional that can help you work through your grief in a healthy manner. Read More 

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Protecting My Relationship

After I started working away from home a lot, I knew that it would be difficult to maintain my relationship with my wife. I didn't know what to do to make things right, but I could tell that we needed to connect on a deeper level. We started spending more time talking and working through our problems, and it really made a difference when I was on the road. I wanted to start this blog all about protecting your relationship and making your life happier every single day. Check out this blog to find out how to improve your marriage.


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